13th International Fair for Gastronomy and Equipment for Hotels & Restaurants

21. - 24. 2. 2019


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Soft serve Ice Cream with Fresh Fruit Pieces – Yes, it is Possible!


Are you running a soft serve ice cream shop and want to boost your business? Are you thinking of opening an ice cream shop and want to distinguish from the competition? Then it is just you for whom we have an interesting customized offer.

We offer a unique ice cream machine with a possibility to make soft serve ice cream with fruit pieces such as raspberry pieces, vanilla seeds, strawberries or cherries.  At the same time, you can use the one, already whipped, ice cream base for the other one - usually cream ice cream base. Two cooling circuits, easy setting of ice cream stiffness and easy machine control, reasonable pricing of spare parts. These and many more are the re asons why the Smach EFE 4000 Mix Combi machines are becoming more and more popular.

5 reasons why to choose the Smach EFE 4000 Mix Combi ice cream machine:

unique  possibility to add fruit pieces directly into the ice cream mixture

keeping the ability to whip cream ice cream mixtures

possibility to put your own logo on the machine

quality ice cream machine from a verified manufacturer

reasonable price of spare parts


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